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Corporate Team Building

As one of the most accessible team building venue near manila where all major companies are based, Falcon Crest Resort made it a point to cater to all team building needs of small and medium to large companies. It doesn't matter if you are a team of 16 or 500, Falcon Crest will design and plan team building activities that are in line with your goals. 

We take care of every aspect of your team building so all you have to do is enjoy and watch your team build a stronger bond. 

Our custom team building activities are proven to; 
>> Enhance working relationships
>> Promote leadership skills
>> Weed out potential even from the shyest person in your team
>> Enhance problem solving skills
>> Encourage creativity
>> Improve communication
>> Build rapport among team members
>> And more... 

The management at Falcon Crest Resort understands how important working relationships so they make sure companies have the best team building experience with the best possible results. 

Outdoor Programs for Team Building 
We understand the power of the outdoors when it comes to building interpersonal relationships amongst team members so we made available numerous activities to further enhance such. Some of the outdoor activities are; 
>> Rope Courses
>> Unity Walk
>> Pipe Relay
>> Land Mine
>> Fill me Up
>> Tug of War
>> Survivor Relay
>> And more... 

Indoor Team Exercises 
For those who want to stay indoors but still have lots of fun. We designed various activities that promote the same creativity, innovation, and camaraderie that outdoor activities provide. Some of them are; 
>> Word Puzzle
>> One Step
>> Uranium Transfer
>> Egg Drop
>> Spelling Blocks Cargo Net 

Please click here for School Team Building

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